The following collection includes both college and freelance projects. This collection includes projects accomplished with oil and acrylic mediums. 


One of my first oil painting projects at Emory & Henry College. The assignment was to paint something using only two main colors (we were allowed to mix each with white or black in order to create lighter and darker shades). I chose my 14-year-old golden retriever, Maggie, as the subject for this piece. Finished within 16 hours.

Collage von Ian

An abstract project completed at E&H. This project started off with making a paper collage and then enlarging a section of the collage upon the canvas. I chose to create something for Ian Anderson, a New Jerseyan with an obsession of Volkswagen, Germany, and Philadelphia. Finished within 30 hours.

4 Shades of Me

My self-portrait was inspired by Andy Warhol. During this assignment, each artist was limited to using only 4 colors. The design process started with a portrait made using Rembrandt lighting. Then Photoshop was used to edit the photo. Finished within 20 hours.


This still life assignment took around 25 hours to complete. What made this piece challenging was the array of textures: cloth, metal, foam, rubber, plastic, etc.

Buy In or Sell Out & Where is Music Leading You?

This multimedia series was inspired by Barbara Kruger. Kruger used words in her work to convey existential and moral messages. These two pieces question the music industry and today’s performing artists. The first piece, “Where is Music Leading You?”, is overlaying a subway map. The map represents the performing artist’s career path. Why are they creating music and what do they hope to accomplish? “Buy In or Sell Out” continues this theme by proposing a moral question: Are you buying in or selling out? Is the artist buying into an industry or theology that they support or are they selling out their beliefs in order to gain fortune and fame?

Mod Squad

This piece was commissioned for a client who was decorating a mod themed room. I researched the time period and sampled the colors she was using in the decor. This piece was created using acrylic paint.  Research, planning, and painting took around 5 hours to complete.

Be a Light to the World

I love the style of artist Katie Daisy, and I referenced her original design to recreate this small canvas piece. Created in 3 hours using acrylic paint.



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